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The federal government will be disclosing the account details of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB sponsors to the French government.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has allegedly accused France of being the headquarters of the IPOB sponsors, but the French government denied the accusation on Thursday saying they had no knowledge of the presence of the IPOB in France.

It was gathered that the Federal government had asked the Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit to compile the necessary information needed on the IPOB sponsors from France to Backup their accusation against France and hand it over to the French government.

The federal government will also write to the Special Control Unit against Money Laundering which is appointed with the task of monitoring, regulating and supervising Designated Non-financial Institution in accordance to Nigeria’s Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism.

But a very senior official of the Federal government revealed that the federal government had reached out to the French government explaining to them that the large transfers of funds were always made from France to IPOB in Nigeria and they didn’t accuse the country of being the sponsors of IPOB.

The source who appealed for anonymity because he has not been authorized by the federal government to talk on the matter yet said:

The French Government has reached out to us over the IPOB matter. It said we should give it account details and any other evidence showing that France was where the majority of the money was coming from.

So, the government has accepted that challenge, and we will be instructing the NFIU, SCUML and the CBN to hand over all the details of IPOB’s funding to us in one comprehensive report which will be submitted to the French Government.

Since IPOB has been declared a terrorist organisation by a court in Nigeria, the French Government, which claims to be against Nigeria’s break-up, is expected to give us maximum cooperation

The federal government still mentioned other countries that are the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB sponsors, and it stated that the IPOB received massive cash inflows from Turkey, Senegal, United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

It also said that the report details would be given to the countries mentioned above.

He stated:

Before his arrest, Nnamdi Kanu had appealed to people of Igbo extraction in some of these countries to provide him with funds which would be used in buying weapons and bringing down the Nigerian Government.

In a video, which has even gone viral on Youtube, Kanu said he needed guns. This is not hearsay.

We will also be writing these countries informing them of the need to ensure that IPOB’s source of funding is traced and blocked

In a related and recent development, the federal government has noted that the IPOB sponsors are now afraid.

It also stated that they would not mention names even though they have evidence of those sponsoring the group are treasury looters and disgruntled politicians.

Lai Mohammed made this statement in an interview with the press on Friday in Abuja.

Mohammed also stated that discerning Nigerians would know those behind the sponsoring of the IPOB group.

The Minister of Information and Culture had earlier on in his statement accused treasury looters and disgruntled politicians for sponsoring the Indigenous People of Biafra group. He claimed that these sponsors plan is to destroy the peace of the nation Nigeria and for them to return to power in 2019 to continue looting the treasury of the country.

But the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, has asked the Minister to mention the names of the IPOB sponsors.

But Lai Mohammed in a statement said that only the guilty are afraid, and the claim by the opposition party is not valid.

Only the guilty are afraid. We have said it. You don’t need rocket science to know that those who are facing investigations are those who don’t want the government to succeed.

They hold on to any platform to derail the Federal Government. It is not when we release their names. We know those who are sponsoring IPOB belong to these two groups. These are those who are politically disgruntled and those who are treasury looters. So, it is not when we start mentioning names.

The Minster also said that the federal government is already handling the issue concerning the allegations he made against the United Kingdom and the French government.

He had also accused the France of being the headquarters of the IPOB sponsors and the United Kingdom for harbouring Radio Biafra and doesn’t want to shut it down despite the Nigerian government effort to shut it down.

The two countries have denied Lai Mohammed claims. The Minister had said that the federal government is handling the issue.

He said: It is a diplomatic matter and we are handling it at that level.

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