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It seems as though Davido’s younger brother has been found, the young man looks so much like the famous artist, from his physique even up to his dimples, he is a carbon copy of the OBO.
Well, celebrity doppelgangers (look alike) aren’t a thing in this part of the world and continent (Nigeria). In short, they are quite hard to find. But a recent photo has shown that we can find celebrity doppelgangers in Nigeria. Pictures of a young boy which recently surfaced on social media show the striking resemblance he shares with the famous singer Davido. From his facial structure to his physique up to his dimples looks a lot like Davido.

See his photos below:

Davido's look alike
Davido’s look alike

Meanwhile, Davido has refuted the recent claims that his father wanted to buy the whole of Igbo land if Igbos do not stop fighting for Biafra. He said he cannot make such a statement. He also disclosed that even though his 24 years of age, he is living the life of a 60-year-old man.


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