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Compare infinix Hot 4 vs Hot 5

With the recent addition of its 5th product iteration The Hot series, many fans are already planning on ditching their already owned Hot4 and am not surprised if we find it difficult to make our choice between this two smartphone.
Today am going to walk you through a detailed comparison concerning this little brothers

Hot 4 vs Hot 5
Hot 4                                                      Hot 5

Hot 4 Specs                                                Hot 5 Specs
5.5” HD screen                                          5.5” HD screen
8Megapixel rear camera                             8Megapixel rear camera
5Megapixel front camera                            5Megapixel front camera
2+16 memory                                           2+16G memory
Android M upgradable to N                         Android N planned upgrade to O
Dirac 3D surround sound with dual front                                                                          speakers
Optimized battery for long lasting

We can quickly discover something that the Hot 4 and Hot 5 shares almost same spec though Hot 5 ruled when it comes to entertainment because of its great speakers.
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Will you still ditch your Hot 4 in favour of Hot 5? We will like to know your opinion in the comment box.

The Hot 4 and Hot 5 are also available in Jumia


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