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This kid got his super-car to be customised in Louis Vuitton print; the multi-million automobile was originally yellow. The teenager shared a footage of the car on his social media platforms. The boy who was found out to be the son of a Dubai-based business tycoon has left a lot of tongues wagging after flaunting his 106,200,000 Naira Ferrari F12 which was wrapped in Louis Vuitton print. However, there is one problem, despite the fact that the wrapping was stunning, the affluent teenager is unable to drive the car due to his young age. But this does not seem to bother the young teen, who was identified as Rasheed Saif Belhasa.

Rasheed Saif Belhasa has built an online profile under the name Money Kicks, and he flaunts his latest purchases, including this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on YouTube and Instagram Courtesy: Mail Online

Rasheed, whose father is a Dubai construction tycoon shared the mouth-watering images and a video of the automobile on his social media platforms which include YouTube and Instagram, leaving his followers amazed.

The Ferrari supercar has a crazily enormous 6.3-litre V12 engine. Courtesy: Mail Online

He boasts of a large follower base on social media and goes by the trend name Money Kicks, where he frequently shows off his latest purchases. The Ferrari’s video has since then gone viral, attracting over a million views. In the footage, Rasheed is later seen heading for dinner with British boxer Amir Khan. The supercar which was originally yellow was given a new look by FoilX.


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