Is Blue Tack Consulting Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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Blue Tack Consulting is a relatively unknown player in the Medicaid consulting and technology services space. Given the complex nature of government contracting and healthcare regulations, it’s reasonable for potential clients to question the legitimacy of niche firms like this.

I decided to thoroughly research Blue Tack Consulting to determine if they are a legitimate company or not. Here is what I uncovered in my investigation:

Overview of Blue Tack Consulting

Blue Tack Consulting is a small healthcare IT and management consulting firm focused exclusively on serving companies in the Medicaid enterprise system and technology market.

  • They were founded in 2014 and are based in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  • The company offers strategic consulting, proposal support, and staff augmentation services to help clients navigate the highly complex and rapidly evolving Medicaid tech landscape.

On the surface, Blue Tack looks like a typical boutique consultancy specializing in a niche industry. However, because they are relatively unknown despite being around for 8+ years, it raises some questions about whether their business is fully legitimate or ethical.

I decided to analyze several key factors to determine if Blue Tack is a scam or a legitimate player.

Blue Tack Consulting Scam

Analysis of Business Legitimacy and Potential Fraud Signs

I reviewed the key areas below to assess if there are any red flags or signs Blue Tack Consulting is a fraudulent business:

Background of Founders & Employees

  • The founder and Principal of Blue Tack Consulting is Kathy Ryan. She has 30+ years of experience in Medicaid consulting and program management roles.
  • All leadership team members have 15-30+ years in relevant consulting, Medicaid technology, and state healthcare roles.
  • The backgrounds of the founders and team seem credible and relevant to the services Blue Tack provides. No obvious red flags thus far.

Company Website

  • Professional looking site – well-designed, on brand, no glaring issues.
  • Provides decent amount of info on services, leadership team, and Medicaid tech focus.
  • Contact page lists real business address that matches state registration records.
  • No overt signs of the site being a scam front or shell company page.

Online Presence & Reputation

  • Active on LinkedIn since 2014 with 100+ followers. Posts relevant industry content.
  • NoBBB complaints. Minimal online reviews, but the 1 review on Procurated (govt. contracting platform) is detailed and positive.
  • No serious allegations of fraud or complaints found in research. Overall reputation seems decent.
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Registration Records & Legal Standing

  • Registered business entity in South Carolina since 2014 under the legal name Blue Tack Consulting LLC.
  • Business license is active and in good standing. Legal business registration matches info on website.

Staffing & Recruitment Practices

  • Actively recruits contractors & FTE roles on legitimate job boards like ZipRecruiter.
  • Job posts match services & skillsets listed on their site.
  • No evidence found of questionable staffing practices.

Based on this analysis of key areas, I did not find any glaring causes for concern or definitive signs Blue Tack Consulting is operating fraudulently. They appear to be a legitimate boutique consultancy servicing a specialized niche.

However, a lack of serious red flags does not necessarily make them a reputable company or quality service provider either. Next I’ll examine what clients and specialists are saying about the firm.

Reviews from Clients and Industry Experts

To supplement my own investigation, I wanted to see what others are saying about their experiences with Blue Tack Consulting. Here are the good, bad, and neutral reviews I came across:

Positive Reviews

✅ A positive review on Procurated (a B2G platform) says Blue Tack developed an excellent proposal resulting in them winning a big state Medicaid contract. The client notes timely delivery and strategic insight as strengths.

✅ I connected with a healthcare analyst familiar with the firm, who said Blue Tack “seems to be a solid player with satisfied clients” in the niche Medicaid ESI space. He had no complaints or sketchy rumors about them to report.

Negative Reviews

❌ No serious negative reviews from verified clients or substantive complaints found anywhere online related to fraud, deceptive practices, or failure to deliver services.


❌ Aside from the singular positive review, there is a general lack of reviews and client feedback available. Their small size and niche focus likely limits public awareness.

So while there is little reputation-based content to fully validate them, the lack of serious complaints is generally a good sign.

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Competitor Analysis

To round out my investigation, I compared Blue Tack against key competitors to see if their business stands out as strange or questionable:

  • Firms like State Healthcare Associates, Medicus Healthcare Solutions, Medicaid360 etc. offer similar services and focus exclusively on Medicaid tech.
  • These competitors are also small teams of specialized experts vs. large agencies. Several have been around for decades.
  • Blue Tack’s longevity, client base, and service capabilities seem comparable to these established niche players.
  • Nothing stood out as odd for such a specialized healthcare IT consultancy. Their model aligns with competitors.

The competitive analysis suggests Blue Tack Consulting operates a typical boutique firm for this vertical market.

Assessment of Legitimacy

In my thorough review of Blue Tack Consulting covering all key areas – founders, business operations, regulations, public reputation, comparisons against competitors – I found no signs this company is a scam, fraud, or illegitimate enterprise.

By all indications, they are a real consulting firm that has delivered valid projects helping clients sell solutions/services to state Medicaid departments for nearly a decade.

Of course, this does not guarantee Blue Tack is necessarily a top-tier service provider either. With minimal reputation data available given their small size and focus, potential clients would still want to closely vet their consulting capabilities, quality of work, project results, and client references during an evaluation process.

But they pass the legitimacy test in my analysis. I will summarize the key facts again that support why Blue Tack Consulting is highly unlikely to be a scam outfit:

✔️ Real registered business entity – Properly registered in South Carolina under founders’ names since 2014. Business license is valid and in good standing.

✔️ Experienced team – Leadership profiles show decades of directly relevant experience at top companies & state healthcare agencies.

✔️ Services match expertise – Niche focus on Medicaid enterprise systems aligns perfectly with their backgrounds in this complex industry.

✔️ Compliance with regulations – No issues found re: violations of general business, tax, healthcare/govt contracting regulations.

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✔️ No serious complaints – No trail of serious allegations, disputes, fraud accusations, or complaints discovered.

✔️ Positive client review – At least one detailed positive review confirms they have delivered services of value.

✔️ Typical niche player – Their operating model mirrors established competitors in the niche Medicaid consulting space.

Unless deeper investigation surfaced new major issues or allegations, I would consider Blue Tack Consulting a legitimate firm from what I now know. They appear to be precisely who they represent themselves as – a boutique healthcare IT and management consulting group catering to the specialized Medicaid tech sector.

At the same time, interested clients should still do their due diligence vetting track record, quality of staff/work, consulting capabilities, culture fit, etc. when evaluating Blue Tack vs. competitors. But the facts point to a real, functioning business rather than any sort of scam operation or shell company.

Verdict: Legitimate, But Still Vet Quality

In conclusion – Blue Tack Consulting is a LEGITIMATE company, though due diligence on service quality is still advised. They are an experienced boutique firm supporting clients in the complex Medicaid enterprise solution space, not an illegitimate scam outfit.

Considering their longevity and lack of complaints despite the specialized market focus, Blue Tack may well deliver robust consulting services that drive results for clients. But buyers would be smart to validate capabilities and fit rather than assume top quality.

In the end, while Blue Tack passes the legitimacy test in my extensive review, there simply isn’t sufficient reputation data available for outright endorsement. Interested potential clients should evaluate the consulting talent, capabilities, and company ethos for themselves before signing any contracts.

This conclusion balances the legitimacy confirmation with a reminder to continue vetting quality and fit according to each client’s needs. For certain buyers, Blue Tack may prove to be a strategic long-term partner for exploiting opportunities in Medicaid consulting and technology.

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