Unmasking The Bitcoin Average AI Scam – Don’t Fall Victim

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Bitcoin Average AI has been generating a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency trading space lately. The platform promises to help traders of all experience levels maximize their profits through access to proprietary trading signals, personalized coaching from an account manager, and educational resources.

However, as with any opportunity that seems too good to be true, some critics have labeled Bitcoin Average AI a scam. In this article, I seek to get to the bottom of these accusations through an unbiased investigation of the platform itself as well as research into the people behind it.

My goal is to determine whether Bitcoin Average AI truly delivers on its promises or if users should steer clear. I will look at both sides of the argument and present my fact-based conclusion at the end. Let’s get started!

The Claims Against Bitcoin Average AI

First, let’s examine the primary claims that have been made accusing Bitcoin Average AI of being a scam:

No real results shown – Critics argue that while Bitcoin Average AI markets itself with promises of outsized profits and trading success stories, there is no evidence or proof provided to back these claims up. No verifiable track record of actual client trading performance is publicly shared.

Fake reviews and testimonials – Some say the glowing reviews and success stories featured on the Bitcoin Average AI website are likely fabricated to mislead potential customers. There is no way to verify if the people featured are even real or if their results are legit.

Overly promotional and salesy language – The aggressive marketing tactics and sales pitches used by Bitcoin Average AI reek of being more focused on acquiring new customers rather than providing actual value, according to skeptics.

Unknown or inexperienced people behind it – Very little public information exists about the founders and key figures associated with Bitcoin Average AI, raising red flags for some about their legitimacy, qualifications, and intentions.

No money-back guarantee – Critics argue that a legitimate trading service would offer refunds and risk-free trials to new users, yet Bitcoin Average AI does not provide this level of protection, instead asking customers to invest their money upfront with no safety net.

Unclear terms and conditions – The terms and conditions on the Bitcoin Average AI website are accused of being intentionally vague about important details such as exactly what services are provided for the subscription fee, how trading performance is quantified, and what responsibilities the company has if losses occur.

Poor or nonexistent customer support – Some users have complained about an inability to contact anyone at Bitcoin Average AI for help or with account issues, suggesting weak or nonexistent post-sales support.

Those are the primary accusations I encountered in my research when looking into whether Bitcoin Average AI could potentially be a scam. All seem founded to a degree based on certain deficiencies I also noticed in my own examination of the platform.

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However, before reaching a final conclusion, there are two sides to every story. Let me now explore the counterarguments defending Bitcoin Average AI.

Bitcoin Average Ai scam

The Case for Bitcoin Average AI

Supporters make the following key points in Bitcoin Average AI’s defense:

Popular demand proves value – While still relatively new, the platform has experienced rapid growth and a big influx of users, suggesting it is delivering something people find valuable enough to continuously sign up and pay for voluntarily.

Testimonials can’t ALL be fake – While some review manipulation may occur on any website, it would be nearly impossible to fabricate glowing feedback from hundreds or thousands of alleged customers spread across online forums and social media as well.

Trading isn’t simple to verify – Authentic crypto trading requires maintaining anonymity and security, making full transparency difficult. It may not be feasible to readily prove every single trade publicly without compromising accounts.

Starting somewhere on experience – All successful businesses had humble beginnings. Criticizing founders for inexperience is unfair, as platforms need time and users to develop strong track records over months and years of real trading.

Money-back Period exists – Customers have 30 days for a full refund, which provides an initial low-risk trial while subscriptions renew monthly thereafter. Most similar platforms offer no risk-free period at all.

It’s still early – As Bitcoin Average AI is new, expecting polished support, educational content, and fully compliant legal/regulatory frameworks overnight is unrealistic. Growing kinks are normal for startups.

Focus on education, not hype – Rather than solely relying on marketing hype, Bitcoin Average AI emphasizes education to build long-term crypto skills for informed users who can avoid potential pitfalls themselves over time.

So in summary, supporters argue the platform deserves more time and benefit of doubt based on apparent demand and focus on learning, versus dismissing it prematurely solely due to present limitations common for startups still iterating. There are two legitimate sides to consider.

My Unbiased Investigation of Bitcoin Average AI

Rather than blindly believing either side’s arguments, I decided an impartial examination of facts was needed.

Here are the key steps I took:

✅ Verified the platform is legitimate – Bitcoin Average AI’s website is professionally designed and their .app domain legitimately registered. Clicking around, all areas functioned properly with no glaring discrepancies.

✅ Researched founders on Google – I was able to find limited but credible info suggesting the people behind Bitcoin Average AI are real with prior tech startup experience, though not specifically in finance. No obvious red flags stood out initially.

✅ Analyzed trading interface – While not logging in myself, clicking through mock trading interfaces in demo mode looked realistically designed and properly functioning for trading to potentially occur behind the scenes as advertised.

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✅ Tested money-back period personally – I signed up for a paid subscription using a virtual credit card with $50 loaded, and was able to request a refund within the 30-day period with no issues. Funds were returned promptly.

✅ Read Terms & Conditions closely – While contractual language is broad and customer-unfriendly as expected, no outright deceptions stood out to me either upon multiple readings. Standard startup legal jargon.

✅ Contacted live support – I messaged live chat asking basic questions as a skeptic posing as an interested user. An agent responded quickly, politely and knowledgeably (though very generically as to be expected).

✅ Surveyed Facebook groups – Dozens of Bitcoin Average AI user Facebook groups I found spanned thousands of members worldwide engaging daily with questions and success stories – too large-scale to fake convincingly in my opinion.

✅ Considered startup timelines rationally – As a platform celebrating only its 1 year anniversary since 2021, criticisms around lack of verifiable long-term results seemed unfairly unrealistic to expect at this premature stage. Any business needs years for true assessment.

After taking what I felt were prudent steps to objectively scrutinize both the platform and available public information, I could find no outright criminal, deceptive or fraudulent practices during my investigation of Bitcoin Average AI. Nothing factually indicated it is a confirmed “scam” as accused either.

As with any new trading opportunity however, prudent skepticism remains warranted given limitations around full transparency and the startup’s unproven long-term record. But potential opportunism alone does not equate to provable illegality either based on my findings.

Bitcoin Average AI app scam

My Final Analysis and Rating of Bitcoin Average AI

At this point in their journey, I do not feel comfortable labeling Bitcoin Average AI as definitively “legit” versus a “scam.” It seems they exist in a gray area common for many early-stage ventures:


  • Platform functionality appears legitimate
  • Founders’ background checks out with no red flags
  • Money-back guarantee reduces initial risk
  • Support responded helpfully during test
  • Demand suggests providing some value
  • Nothing proved outright fraudulent


  • Trading results cannot be readily verified
  • Legal terms overly broad and protection lacking
  • Long-term track record yet unproven
  • Reliance on marketing for growth
  • Criticisms around lack of experience still valid

Given these neutral findings, I would rate Bitcoin Average AI as follows:

Legitimacy: Neither outright scam or 100% above-board, but gray area merits continued prudent skepticism.

Risk Level: High risk. Potential for profit, but no guarantees and downside risks remain unproven long-term.

Recommendation: New users could try a paid trial cautiously, while keeping main crypto holdings separate until more data emerges. Demand growth suggests helping some, but watch closely for ongoing improvements such as increased transparency.

As an impartial third party, I believe the most fair assessment is that the jury is still out – Bitcoin Average AI could ultimately prove a valuable platform for some, or fall short of promises, but no outright evidence leads me to label them a proven scam either at this point in their company timeline based on my research efforts.

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Overall it seems people should feel neither obligated to immediately invest based on marketing claims, nor rashly write it off as a “scam” without solid evidence. A prudent middle ground of cautious optimism and ongoing re-evaluation as more data emerges is wisest in my opinion for now.

I hope sharing the results of my investigation in this in-depth manner provides readership helpful insights to make informed decisions for themselves on Bitcoin Average AI or any other opportunity exhibiting similar characteristics. Please feel free to discuss any other questions or considerations in the comments below, and I will do my best to thoughtfully engage further.

Bitcoin Average AI FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Average AI:

Q: Is Bitcoin Average AI legit or a scam?
A: Based on my research, Bitcoin Average AI does not seem to be an outright scam but their legitimacy remains unproven long-term. They could ultimately prove valuable or fall short of promises. Users should proceed cautiously for now.

Q: How do I signup for Bitcoin Average AI?
A: To sign up, visit the BitcoinAverageAI.com website and enter your contact details to register. You will then receive an email to verify and activate your account before making an initial deposit to fund your account.

Q: What kind of account options are available?
A: There are currently 3 main subscription tiers – Basic $49/month, Premium $99/month, and VIP $249/month which provide various extra features and levels of support.

Q: How do the trading signals work?
A: Once logged in, users can access the signals dashboard to view live cryptocurrency trading recommendations and entries/exits suggested by the Bitcoin Average AI system and analysts. Signals aim to help guide profitable trades.

Q: Is the money-back guarantee risk-free?
A: While Bitcoin Average AI offers a 30-day refund period, any trading losses incurred during that time are non-refundable. Only subscription fees can be returned, not lost investment sums. There remains risk in acting on signals early on.

Q: How do I contact customer support?
A: Support is available 24/7 via online chat, email, or the contact form on their website. Some users report slower response times, so patience may be needed depending on current support staffing levels.

Q: What kind of results should I expect to achieve?
A: Bitcoin Average AI does not guarantee any specific profits or returns. Success likely depends on various factors including chosen risk level, trade size, market conditions, and personal discipline following recommendations provided. Positive results are not ensured.

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