Health Challenges Benefits of honey to the heart

Benefits of honey to the heart


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Honey is a natural sweetener which looks like a syrup which is gotten from a bee by sucking liquids from flower nectar and preserving them in a beehive.

Honey for the heart
Honey for the heart

Though the process of getting the honey from a hive is very tiring because of the bee sting, so it requires a lot of expertise for experts to take the honey.

One of the characteristics of honey is its very strong sweet aroma and its lovely taste. It has many additional nutritional benefits which include:

• Calories
• Sodium
• Carbohydrate
• Glucose
• Potassium
• Protein
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D.
• Calcium
• Fibre

With the nutrients in the honey, there are a lot of benefits we will get from honey, but in this article, we will be discussing on the benefits of honey when it comes to the heart. We will also talk about how it helps tackle diseases of the heart, but in subsequent times we will explain on the other exciting benefits of honey.

Heart disease is the disease which attacks our blood vessel and thus causes the heart not to function well as it should be and makes the heart muscles weak.

As we all know, Heart disease is a number one killer disease in the world, and it is considered a dangerous disease illness because it kills its patient very quickly.

The most common symptoms related to heart failure are
• Finding it very difficult to breath thus causing you to breathe through your mouth.
• Having cold sweat.
• Frequently feeling dizzy.
• Nausea
• May also experience a choking feeling, feels like it is heartburn.
• Heaviness, discomfort, pressure, and intense pain in the arm, chest or below the breastbone.
• Frequently feeling weak.
• Palpitations: this is a situation where you feel like your heart is racing, pounding and fluttering.


Causes of heart disease

 Poor diet.
 Poor living habit.
 Congenital abnormalities.

What honey does to the heart.

  • Strengthens the heart: honey have an added benefit in enhancing the walls of the heart. As you grow old, to make the heart healthy, you need to eat honey on a regular basis every day before you retire to bed.
  • Antioxidant: one of the nutrients of honey is that it contains antioxidants which come from various sources like flavonoid polyphenol, vitamin C, monophonolics. This antioxidant in honey on turns helps to reduce the risk of heart attack when there is a regular intake of honey.
  • Reduces cholesterol: daily consumption of honey mixed with habbatussadda and olive oil can lower cholesterol level in our blood. However, honey have the ability to reduce high cholesterol level in our blood but to achieve this, we have to include honey in our everyday diet, we can use honey instead of sugar in our daily meal.
  • Stabilizes heart rate: honey also have a natural way to maintain an unusual heartbeat rate, like in the case of palpitations. To preserve your heart rate, it is advisable to consume honey on a regular basis before any meal.
  • Thickens the heart wall: one of the benefits of honey, it does not only strengthen the heart, but it also thickens the heart and the muscles around the heart. When the heart is thickening, it will be difficult for the heart to experience an attack or disease.
  • Relieves heart pain: sometimes after a stressful day or after carrying a heavy load, we suffer pain on the left chest where the heart is located, this pain can also happen because of poor circulation of blood in our body. You can reduce the pain by taking 3 to 5 tablespoons of honey as it helps a way of reducing pain in the heart.
  • Lubricates the heart: regular consumption of honey has a chance to grease the heart valve because of its natural content effectively.
  • Improves the performance of the heart: the heart is a vital organ in our body which is actively active every time. To help maintain the performance of the heart and avoid the risk of having a weak heart, regular intake of honey is advised.
  • Honey is a lightweight disinfectant and expectorant: honey is very useful in acting as expectorant because of its ability to clean the walls of the respiratory tract, it also can treat a sore throat and dry throat. To treat sore and dry throat, add 2 or 4 tablespoons of honey in a half glass of warm and clean water and drink up the solution before every meal until the pain subsides.

Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat

  • Eases blood circulation in the heart: lack of fluid circulation in the heart have the ability to make the heart not to pump blood throughout the parts of the body effectively. To smoothen the movement of blood circulation in the heart, take 2 to 5 tablespoons of honey every day.

Strengthen the muscles of the heart: because honey is rich in nutrients like mineral salt, enzyme, sugar which makes our heart muscles strong. It also makes the weak heart to function and performs appropriately.

Why is honey good for heart disease medications.

  • Easy to digest: honey is very easy to digest; another speciality of honey is its sugar molecules. These sugar molecules like fructose and glucose can transform from one sugar to another form of sugar. Honey helps colon and kidney to work effectively.
  •  Easy to diffuse through the heart: when honey is consumed with warm water, it can readily distribute through our heart before 7 to 10 minutes. The free sugar molecules help our brain to perform better; this is because our brain consumes sugar a lot.
  • Low calories: honey does not make us gain weight, it has 40% calories than sugar. It also has the benefit of giving us strong energy.

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Benefits of honey to the heart

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