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Many people think that comprehension improvement and reading are the same, and can only be successful through specialised training for hours. But the fact is that you can become a better reader through mental conditioning, and the best time to condition your mind for comprehension improvement and reading is before going to bed. This seems like the best way to plant new thoughts into your subconscious.

become a better reader
Become a better reader

Here are some tips on how to get started on your reading and comprehension improvement.
Before going to bed every evening, comfortably position yourself, sitting up straight in a chair seems to be the best, so you don’t fall off to sleep, free your mind and relax, ease all the tension of the day out and give yourself the freedom of tranquillity and clarity. You are now ready to begin your new mental conditioning.

Young student reading  book in library
Young student reading book in library

See yourself reading and understanding information at the highest level. Think back and try to remember a particular day or subject that you had to improve a certain degree of competency within a short time frame. Your aim here is to recall a time where you were shocked at even yourself at your success. Go back in your mind to that time and lock into the feeling you experienced then. Experience it again and see how it felt to read and comprehend this incredible rate. Improve on this feelings and enjoy them often.

read better
Read better

What you are doing is called self-programming, you are surpassing what could only be a mental block preventing you from boosting your comprehension and reading skill further.
Work on it in your mind. It is exciting what this exercise can do to you. It redefines how you feel about yourself, it raises the bar and sets a higher level of comprehension and reading, your new reality.

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