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Editor's Choice ASUU concludes on indefinite strike begins today!

ASUU concludes on indefinite strike begins today!

ASUU intending strike update


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ASUU strike update
ASUU strike update

For the past few months plus, there has been an intending loom on the yet to be ‘concluded ASUU strike’. Many university students are praying for the strike to take effect so they can have few hustling space to make the little money from the labour market; whereas, many bookaholics in the university have seen the future on the adverse effects the looming Asuu strike may cause in their academic lives and schedules. Most students already planned their future built around the university starting from the day they got admitted into the university, and so to say, it hurts deeply when they get delayed and disappointed because of the ‘non-care attitude of the federal government’.

As at yesterday, an unconfirmed report had it that the academic staff union of universities (ASUU), met at an undisclosed venue yesterday, the 13th of April, 2017 to render a conclusion on whether the strike is to hold starting from today or not. Fortunately, the meeting agenda ended inconclusively. According to Vanguard, the meeting was adjourned today, and after that, the students of the universities can now decide their fate. Many would be happy while millions shall be sad. Asuu strike has never been helpful to the students; everyone fights for his right.

After the referendum conducted individually by every state chapter, it was also recorded that all the Chairmen of the state chapters of the Union had to meet at Abuja with the national leadership to tender a put together review on the referendum as conducted on the different chapters.

From the referendum, it became apparent that almost all Chairmen has approved the nationwide strike alongside with the National Executive Council (NEC). And there is no fix duration yet on how long the strike would last; an indefinite strike so to call it.

Everyone in the educational sector is sad. Every action revolving around the 2009 ASUU/FGN agreement, the 2013 MoU and other unresolved related issues arising. Salaries are not paid, allowances been accrued and neglected, funds for the development of public universities not released, even retired professors not been paid and much more to complain about. They clamoured that they have been patient enough and yet the federal Government is not helping matters all along. If they don’t take actions now, things may never change. So the strike MUST hold. Stay tuned for an update on the intending strike conclusion after today’s National meeting; we shall always bring in the news as its happening.

ASUU intending strike update

The future of our youths who are already in the university and those about to get admitted are all a stake. Money is generated every day, and yet the country suffers a recession. We wonder what the country’s future would be like if things keep going this way. It’s high time we stopped living ‘I don’t care’ lifestyle, so our nation can remain the giant of Africa as it has literally been honoured.

Am Akachukwu Christopher Chidera, the CEO of naijland.com. Naijland features latest global news, Nigerian news, Nigeria Breaking news, sports news, global and local entertainment.


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