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Some guys around have been asking me how to permanently activate windows 10 PC lately.

Since I have been guiding folks around on how to do it and seeing the importance, I have decided to share this as a post so everyone can benefit from  this useful trick

Using the trick below you can also activate your MS Office documents like Word, Excell and PowerPoint. So having know that let’s get started.

Steps to Activate your Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 PC

To activate your pc, you need a working pc and Internet internet connection  to download the activation software.

So let’s download KMSpico activation tool from here

After the download, run kmspico activation tool and select activate window. before you do this, disable your antivirus. This is because antivirus programs considers crack files as virus and hence won’t allow it to run.

NOTE: Disconnect your pc from internet connecton after downloading the activation softwsre.

activate windows

Run KMSPico and  whoa…your windows is activated! Reboot your PC after the processTo confirm if your windows is activated press this key combo win key + x (win+X) then select system. From there you will confirm your PCs activation status. You will then see windows is activated.

Like i said before, KMSpico can also activate other Microsoft softwares like MS office. So if your MS office is not activated, you can also run the KMSpico and select office then follow the same process used in activating windows to activate your office document software.

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