How To 7 best method to free your iPhone storage

7 best method to free your iPhone storage


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Some folks out there who are in need to download the recently launched iOS 11 may have been having concerns about available storage, but today am going to share best tips on freeing up space in your iPhone’s and other iOS devices.

Running low on your iPhone’s storage can be very frustrating and also will reduce your usage of the device because you won’t be saving both videos, audios and apps.
Today I will be sharing 7 methods you can use to free up extra storage on your iOS devices. It is also best to do this periodically instead of allowing your storage to be almost full before carrying out these procedures.

1. Check what is using up space

iphone storage check
source: techrader

  • Open settings app and tap on General
  • Then select storage and iCloud usage.
  • Tap the Manage storage link. From there you can then see which apps and files that are taken much of your storage space. You may see photos and videos occupying most of your storage. So from here, you will know which app to clear its data.

2. Delete music and videos Synced from iTunes

iphone storage
source; techrader

You can remove videos and music synced from your iTunes. You can do this from the same Manage storage screen. Here are steps:

  • Tap the music and video shows, that you have stored on your phone.
  • Tap the Edit button and then delete the files that you stored using the RED buttons. It can quickly give you a lot of storage space. Remember you can always re-download those files from your iTunes again whenever you need them. So don’t be afraid of freeing up those spaces to do important stuffs.

3. Delete apps that you no longer use

iphone storage
source: techrader

Unless it’s a system app -that is apps that came with your iPhone, you can always delete any app that you are no longer using to free up spaces. Also don’t be afraid removing those apps because Apple will still keep your apps both paid and free apps in case you want to download it again. You can also delete the app from the home screen by pressing and holding the app’s icon then tap the cross close to the app to delete.

4. Clear any other synced content

iphone storage
Source: techrader

This day’s apps do download contents on their own which in turn occupy storage. You can clear those content to free up spaces. Apps like Spotify, Amazon Prime, Google play etc. while I may not give you steps for individual steps cause you will have to find the particular app taking your storage.

But taking Amazon prime video as an example,

  • Tap the Downloads button located at the bottom of the interface and
  • Tap on a movie from the list to delete. This method can clear a lot of space for you because it clears your old playlist and videos and tv shows that you downloaded previously but no longer need anymore.

5. Backup high res Images with iCloud

iphone storage
source: techrader

You can back your images up to iCloud, so you don’t need to keep them on your phone. Once you’ve set up your iCloud account, select the optimise iPhone storage. This method keeps only low-resolution images on your phone while high-resolution images are being backed up on iCloud. You can also delete unnecessary photos as well.

6. Delete other unnecessary files
Apart from apps, photos and videos there still other storage consumers in your iPhone that you can check out too.

You can check out safari from settings app and tap on Clear history and also website data. This method will remove all cached files taking up space on your phone. If you have other browsers, you can also do the same.

Though iOS doesn’t give access to the file system but if you notice that an app is taking too much storage, just uninstall the app and then install it back.

7. Running a full reset

iphone storage
source: techrader

Though this is not an easily do affair, before you embark on this, you need to make sure everything is backed up somewhere. Though this may only affect your saved game, pictures and videos. So if you have previously synced your photos and videos, then you don’t have much fear because your apps, music and movies can be resynced through your iCloude or iTunes as well.

Going through this process will surely give you back all the spaces that iPhone had stolen and will return your phone back to the condition it was when you newly bought it.

Now, to do this, just go to General in settings, select erase all content and setting to begin.

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