How To 6 display settings you should use in Windows 10

6 display settings you should use in Windows 10


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Make use of the built-in tools in Windows 10 to tune your display.

Adding to the introduction of a number of hidden gems, fresh features and new and very useful privacy settings, April 2018 Windows 10 update is now offering to fix blurry apps for you, a problem that can be very annoying and you are likely to stumble upon when a classic Windows app is paired with a high-resolution display. I will walk you through this new display setting along with some old standbys so that you can have your Windows 10 looking its best.
Below are the settings you should use to tune up your display;

1. Rescale the size of icons, text and apps

If you are finding it difficult to read a text, navigate apps and recognize icons because of the fact that your high-resolution display makes everything look so small, then you should check out the scaling option in Windows 10. Go to Settings > System > Display and you will see an option for Scale and layout. A percentage will be recommended by Windows, but you can play around with the offerings to find the right balance between legibility and screen real estate.

Windows 10 display settings
Windows 10 display settings

2. Use the Nightlight at night

Staring at an unnaturally blue screen at night can shift your body’s natural clock and make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Your phone likely has a way to switch to warmer colours at night, and now Windows does, too. Creators Update added a setting to lower the blue light of your PC. Head to Settings > System > Display (or just right-click on your desktop and choose Display settings) and toggle on Nightlight. Below the toggle switch, click Nightlight settings to choose how warm you want your display’s colour temperature to get a night and schedule Nightlight mode to come on at sunset or manually-set hours. You’ll also find a new Nightlight button in the Action Center to toggle the setting on and off.

3. Do a little color calibration

Windows has a built-in colour calibration tool that’s hiding out in the Control Panel. Just search for colour calibration and select Calibrate colour display. You’ll be stepped through a number of display tests to adjust gamma, brightness, contrast and colour balance. The tool helpfully shows you examples prior to each test image so you know what to look for to get the best results.

4. Tune up your text

At the completion of the colour calibration tool is an option to start ClearType Tuner. It’s like going to the eye doctor and doing those better-or-worse tests to see if you need glasses or a stronger prescription. The tool shows you five examples of text, and you pick the one that looks best so the text on your display looks as sharp and as easy to read as can be.

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5. Fix blurry apps

Windows 10 has had a scaling option that can increase the size of fonts and icons on high-resolution displays so you can read a text without squinting while keeping your display at its native resolution where its image is at its crispest and sharpest. Sometimes, however, this scaling can lead to blurriness. Now, you can let Windows attempt to rectify a blurry scaling result. Go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced scaling settings and toggle on Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry.

6. Use your display’s native resolution

You should make every effort to use your display’s native resolution, which Windows calls the recommended resolution. It’s the highest resolution offered. If you select a lower resolution, then your screen image will look blurry. At its native resolution, each pixel on your LCD display is directly mapped to a pixel in the image sent by your PC’s graphics to produce a sharp image. When those pixels don’t line up, things get blurry. Try to adjust the size of text and icons and so on by using the scaling option in tip 1 before you lower your screen resolution from the recommended setting on Settings > System > Display.

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