How To 5 hidden search tricks you didn't know about in...

5 hidden search tricks you didn’t know about in Windows 10


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Search tips that will help you search your PC faster and smarter with and without Cortana.

Have you ever felt like you spend too much time searching for things on your PC and not enough time doing things? If so, these few tips can help you do more and reduce your search.

Know your filters
When you make use of the search box located in the taskbar, either by typing in your search query or asking Cortana, you can quickly get stunned by the results, with results coming from the web, your local files and somewhere else. Windows 10 has search filters that can help you to narrow down the results you get. Have you taken note of those icons on top of the search panel? Those icons are known as your filters. You can click on the down-arrow button in the top-right corner to see all the filters available to you. You do not have to wait until you search for something before you filter the results. If you know where you want to search exactly before you start searching, you can enter a filter word right in the search box. Just type in a filter term, Documents, Folders, Apps, Photos, Settings, Videos, Web and Music followed by a colon and add your search terms.

Filters on Windows 10
Filters on Windows 10

Control Panel vs Settings app
Windows 10 added a new and helpful settings app, but the old Control Panel is still there. It is an arrangement that can be confusing, and I still do not know which settings are in the settings app and which ones are in the Control Panel. But there is a way to search both of them. When you search for an item or a setting by making use of the search box in the taskbar, the findings under Settings will possess colour icon or black-and-white icon close to them.
Here’s your key:
• Colour icon = a setting in the Control Panel.
• Black-and-white icon = a setting in the settings app.
The settings app also displays results from the Control Panel in addition to settings from the settings app, obviously, with the same colourful icons and will take you to the Control Panel when you click on that search result.

Settings app vs control panel on Windows 10
Settings app vs control panel on Windows 10

Search from File Explorer
The search box which is powered by Cortana in the task bar is not the only search box in Windows 10. The same way I use Edge or Chrome to search the web, I also use Windows Explorer to search my PC. If you are already in Windows explorer, there is no need to leave or exit that window to find a file, just make use of the search box in the top-right corner. It will search for whatever directory you have selected in the left panel. Results may be a little slow in returning when searching a large directory, but searching a specific folder in Windows Explorer is faster.

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Quick calculations
If you want to make a simple calculation, you can skip the process of searching for Windows 10’s Calculator app and just type in your equation directly in the search box in the taskbar. Not only will you get your result instantly, but you will also be able to get an online calculator courtesy of Bing for more calculations to be done.

Quick calculations on Windows 10
Quick calculations on Windows 10

Save your searches
If you discover that you search for almost the same thing week after week, you can save your search in the Windows Explorer to make those frequent searches a lot easier. After typing in your search terms in Windows Explorer’s search box, click on the ‘Search’ tab from the ribbon that runs on the top of the window. Here, you can fine-tune your search restrictions for file size and type, date and so on. When you have your search restrictions set just right, click on ‘Save search’ and give your search query name. The searches that you saved are saved in the Searches folder of your user folder by default, but you can save them in any folder that you wish to save it in.

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