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5 best free video editors for PC


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You can find a lot of free video editing software online, but most of them don’t give the desired result or give an almost professional finish to your videos like what you would expect from a commercial software like Filmora Video Editor. However here you will be given a list of the best five free video editing software for PC along with their Pros and Cons. Let’s have a look.

1. Windows Movie Maker: it is a free online video editor as well as an audio converter that can convert MP4 to WMV. It has space facility and unlimited storage which is a great gain for people. This website provides a good means for encoding your media files from MP4 to WMV format to enjoy. You will be able to choose the quality of conversion and also some advanced options like FPS, video bitrate and resolution.

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker

• Easy to use.
• Enables sharing of videos to YouTube and other video sharing websites.
• Allows you to import pictures and videos easily and make your video perfect.
• It is very limited when it comes to functionality.
• It is only designed for Windows Vista, so it’s not user-friendly for Windows 7 and XP.

2. VirtualDub: designed for frame capturing video files alone, VirtualDub is a free video editing software that can complete any task for trimming and cleaning videos. The software is able to change the original audio of the video, extending the number of formats to work with and cutting and splitting videos. It is best for processing mostly AVI files but it doesn’t have the advanced editing ability like most software. The software capture elements for VFD drivers for the AVI2 files created when capturing videos with any external device or your TV tuner.

VirtualDub video editor
VirtualDub video editor

• It has a user-friendly interface.
• It is very comfortable and simple to use.
• It is very reliable when it comes to the most important editing.
• For software that is just 1.4MB in size, its features are just amazing.
• It doesn’t support a lot of video formats like QuickTime and MPEG2.

3. Ezvid free video editing software: this is believed to be the world’s best free editing video software because it is the only free video software for Windows that can capture the screen of the computer with just one click of a button. It is an all-in-one video editing software thereby you can do a lot with it. Also, it is much easier to use compared to the other free editing video software. It features a unique speech synthesis feature known as the ‘text-to-speech’ system that allows you to convert normal text into a computer language.

Ezvid Video editor
Ezvid Video editor

• It is entirely free of any cost.
• Your videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube.
• It can make a slideshow or a video within 3 minutes.
• You do not need to create an account to download or use the software.
• You do not require any codec pack to install the software.
• Recording can take some time, like a maximum of 45 minutes.
• It doesn’t give any option for saving or exporting your videos to your computer, Vimeo or Facebook but only on YouTube.

4. Avidemux: This is a very amazing video editor for Windows that can carry out all types of edits. It is comfortable to use and can import and export audio from and to video, delete, cut and crop parts of videos, add subtitles and visual and also audio effects. Also, it has been around for a very long time and provides all the most necessary features for video editing.
Key feature: it is capable of transforming or converting one video format into another as it supports a huge number of formats which can prove to be hard for most free software.

Avidemux free video editing software

• It offers a detailed tutorial for new users.
• It has an intuitive and simple interface.
• It comes with advanced features.
• It is easy to download and install.
• If it is your first time, it might be little difficult to understand how the program works but the good thing is that it comes with a detailed tutorial.

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5. Blender free video editing software: the last but not the least, this is yet another incredible free video editing program that has a great list of animation essentials such as modelling, UV unwrapping, real-time 3D, animation, interface, rendering, rigging, shading and many others.
Key feature: it has a feature packed interface that includes useful and fundamental tools which makes it more reliable than most free editing software.

Blender free video editing software

• It is very lightweight and versatile.
• It comes with so many savvy features.
• It offers quality professional 3D at no cost.
• It is perfect for graphic artists, designers and 3D enthusiasts.
• Just like Avidemux, new users might find the software a little difficult to understand, but with time will get used to it.

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