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A 31-year-old boyfriend shots the mother of his newborn son after they had a fight in the early morning hours on Sunday 17th September.

Luz Cuza, the deceased was shot in the head by her boyfriend and the father of her son in her house on 147th St. near 133rd Ave. in Jamaica. The boyfriend shot her at about 2 am and ran away.

She was taken to the hospital by her brother and neighbours in Jamaica where the Doctors tried to save her life, but she didn’t make it alive.

The Police Officers caught and arrested the boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez at 115th Ave. at 225th in Cambria Heights later on, after he had killed the girlfriend.

Robert Rodriguez works in Manhattan as a parking attendant.
They recovered dangerous materials and substances from him including 40 Caliber firearm, marijuana.

The suspect was charged with murder, criminal possession of marijuana, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance. His arraignment was pending early Monday.

Ray Garcia, who is a brother of the deceased, when speaking with the Cops on Sunday said that he was in the house that very day when his sister was murdered by her boyfriend, he said he was in a separate room. He also stated that he heard them quarrelling but he was shocked when he heard the sound of a gunshot and when he came out, the crazy boyfriend have fled, and his sister was lying on the floor gasping for air.

Ray Garcia, Luz Cuza Brother
Ray Garcia, Luz Cuza Brother

He said:

I didn’t think he was going to hurt her because she just gave birth to his son, like, two months ago.

When I go to the front, my sister is laying on the ground with her eyes almost popped out, She was gasping for air.

When I saw that, I knew how much I loved my sister, because I started crying

I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m gonna save you.’ And I knocked on every neighbour’s house because I didn’t have my phone with me.

A neighbour to Luz Cuza said that he called the 911 in that early morning hours when the deceased brother came to him for help.
He also noted that the suspect’s mother always visits the house during the weekend to spend time with the deceased and her newborn son.

The Cops noted that there had not been a call from the home reporting domestic violence.

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