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3 best ways of recovering lost documents

Many at times we come across a mistakenly formatted memory card, flash drive or even phone. It’s still fresh in my memory when a workmate mistakenly formatted my friend’s device internal storage, and she felt like the whole world has come to an end. Well if you are reading this post probably you may have been in this situation. Today we are going to see methods of recovering our lost data be it from SD card, flash drive or phone internal storage.

Method #1

recovering lost document with Easuse
Easuse data recovery

Easus Data recovery: This tool has been my favourite data recovery tool because it can scan the whole fragment in your storage device for deleted data. To get started, download and install Easus data recovery tool from Here. Mount the storage that you want its data to be recovered on your pc and make sure it’s detected. Then launch the installed Easus Data recovery, on the first page select the drive you want to recover from and then choose the type of files you want to recover. After this wait patiently for the scanning to complete and select the folder to save your recovered files. In case it didn’t recover all files try deep scanning though takes more time so make sure your system is plugged to a power source.

NOTE: Do not save recovered files in the storage you are recovering data from in case if you want to try deep scanning.

Method #2

recovering lost document with Dr.fone
Dr.fone data recovery

Using Dr.Fone android data recovery: If you are recovering lost files from a smartphone that mount its storage as MTP then this method should suit your need. Dr.Fone also recovers your messaging, emails, contacts, call logs etc.
To get started, Download and install Dr.fone data recovery on your pc or mac, connect the phone to your pc or mac and then follow the onscreen prompt to recover your lost files.


Method #3

recovering lost documents with diskdigger

Recovering your lost files directly from your phone: Now this approach sounds pretty easier and hassle free though it’s only for root users. So you must be rooted to do this. Head on to playstore and download Diskdigger, after installation launch diskdigger to automatically scan your device partition for lost data.

NOTE: you need to be a root user.