Technology 2018 smartphone buying guide -budget friendly

2018 smartphone buying guide -budget friendly


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Manufacturers have all released their smartphones awaiting the end of the year and holiday sales. As consumers are offered with many choices to choose from which often sometimes causing a confusion and at the same time leading to even a poor decision in the journey of smartphone buying.
In this October edition of smartphone buying guide, we will focus on smartphones that will stand the test of 2018!
We will review them based on their ranges. We have Budget friendly smartphones, i.e. the inexpensive ones, the mid-range, i.e. for the middle classes and the high ends which are the flagship devices and are expensive as well.

NOTE: In this article, we are not including any phone that has less than 2gb of RAM cause we believe they cant stand the test of 2018 at all.

So let’s get started with the budget-friendly (NGN50,000 or less.)


smartphone buying guide
Tecno Camon CX Air
The tecno camon cx air is a powerful contender if you are looking for a phone that will add value to your money and that will also stand up till 2018 without being an outdated phone. Smartphone didn’t lack at all in any angle. It is indeed a camera phone as tecno have purposed it to be.

Tecno Camon cx air specs
> 5.5” LCD screen
> 13megaPixel camera front and back with flash
> It comes with 2gb of RAM plus expandable 16gb of storage via MicroSD
> There is a 3200mAh battery to keep the juice running
> It runs the latest version of Android. Android 7.0 Nougat.

smartphone buying guide

Camon CX Air pros
> good camera Award-winning camera -both selfie and main camera
> LTE support
> Slim build @6.6mm

Camon CX Air Cons
> A little bit low battery.

Buy Camon CX Air from jumia here


smartphone buying guide

Infinix Hot 5
Infinix Hot 5 was released in the 2nd quarter of 2017 as a successor to last year Hot 4.

The smartphone’s main feature lies in the audio department with its impressive dual front speakers tuned with 3D Dirac Sound engine makes sure that no sound is lost.

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So whether you are watching videos, playing games or playing music Infinix got you covered with the Hot 5. Moving from the audio department, it also offers a marathon battery life that ensures you’ll never miss a moment.

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Infinix Hot 5 Key Specs
> Dual front-facing speakers with 3D Dirac Sound enhancement engine
> 4000mAh battery
> Rear mounted fingerprint
> 8MP camera back with flash and 5MP front camera with flash
> 2gb of RAM and 16gb storage

smartphone buying guide

Infinix Hot 5 pros
> Impressive audio quality
> Marathon battery life

Infinix Hot 5 Cons
> No LTE support
> Low camera quality as compared to current trend

Buy Hot 5 from jumia here


smartphone buying guide

Tecno L9 Plus
Tecno L9 Plus surfaced early this year as our save our soul smartphone, offering everything you need in a flagship phone yet maintaining an incredible price range.

In fact, the L9 plus is not in any way a low-end smartphone even though it is found in the list. L9 plus offers 6” inches IPS display with a whopping 5000mAh battery. The battery life of the L9 plus is so impressive that 10% of charge can go on the whole day. If you need battery life, then the L9 plus surely should be your choice.

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Moving from battery life, it offers 13megapixel with flash and 5megapixel with flash as well for your selfie needs.

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Tecno L9 plus key specs
> 6” IPS display
> 13MP rear camera and 5MP selfie camera. All with flash
> 2gb RAM and 16gb storage
> Android 7.0 Nougat
> 5000mAh battery with quick charge support

smartphone buying guide

Tecno L9 plus pros
> Best in class battery life with quick charge -which makes the battery charges at a significantly fast rate
> Ultra slim metal body and light weighted

Tecno L9 plus cons
> No LTE support

To buy L9 plus at jumia, click here

Like we said earlier, we are covering smartphones that will stand the test of 2018. Though there are many smartphones, but these are the ones that made it to our list.

In our next article, we will discuss phones that are in the mid-range class followed by flagship devices.

Bookmark this page for easy reference any time the need arises. And also stay tuned as I prepare for the next articles.

Do you need help? let’s hear you. Use the comment box.

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